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What is this game?

LOGAN is an autobiographical tabletop game. In it you play through events I, Logan, have lived through, and come out with a version of my life in your hands.

LOGAN is deeply personal and vulnerable.

LOGAN is a reflection on life, on its high and lows, its ebbs and flows.

LOGAN is an invitation to look at your own life and reflect on all you have been through.

LOGAN is a reminder to commend yourself for still being here.

LOGAN is a work of queer joy, trans pride, resilience, growth and love.

LOGAN is a love letter that I invite you to write to yourself.


Ok but how do I actually play?

To play LOGAN you will need 
🎲 2 six-sided dice
📃 The LOGAN playbook
📗 The LOGAN rulebook
⌛ 60-90 minutes

The playbook will guide you on a story arc of highs and lows, but you get to choose their specifics. When your Logan has time to relax, you get to choose how he spends his time. When your Logan is going through a tough time, you choose what exactly he's facing. Make your choice and roll the dice to see what happens next...


Press Coverage

LOGAN, is, in my opinion, the next step for lyric games...What LOGAN does, masterfully, is embody a type of power fantasy beyond traditional character control.

Experimental lyric RPGs are pushing the poetic power of roleplaying forward by Lin Codega for Dicebreaker.

Arguably, the most high-profile lyric game would be LOGAN: An Autobiographical Tabletop Game by Logan Timmins...

These tabletop RPGs are impossible to play - and that's what makes them essential by Justin Joyce for Dicebreaker.

Listen to Jeff Stormer and I play LOGAN on Party of One Podcast!


Player responses

"While playing AutoBio I experienced intimacy, connection, and growth in a way beyond words. I feel like getting to know Logan better has helped me learn more about myself and my own formative experiences. It's been a long while since I played and I still think about the experience fondly, and I know I've become a stronger and more vulnerable person because of this game." - Rae Nedjadi

A portrait of Jamila R. Nedjadi

"It’s important to note the auto-biography and biography is tried and tested narrative genre on itself that really expands empathy and self-contemplation. Go hit up this really honest and engaging work to find your own story in Logan’s." - Maria Mison

A portrait of Maria Mison

"A tender, intimate game, I found myself wanting to learn more and more about little fictional Logan's life, and how the various highlights and moments of quiet resonated with my own experiences in some small way. LOGAN: An Autobiographical Tabletop Game is a phenomenal experience from start to end, and is definitely a worthwhile journey to take in Logan's boots." - Valis

A picrew of Valis

"At once gentle and childlike, at other times deeply musing and tragic, it was a wonderful mix of introspection and laughter. An autobio game that shows how the smallest choices and the little chances really make our stories come alive." - Marren


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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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LOGAN: An Autobiographical Tabletop Game FULL LAYOUT V2 45 MB
LOGAN: An Autobiographical Tabletop Game (Plain Text) 274 kB
Dyslexia Friendly (Atkinson Hyperlegible) LOGAN: An Autobiographical Tabletop G 250 kB
LOGAN Playbook (Form Fillable) 2 MB
LOGAN Playbook (Laid Out PDF, NOT Form Fillable) 1 MB

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Click here to listen to Party of One's Jeff Stormer and I play LOGAN together!

Jeff's choices were a really interesting mesh of his own life experiences and mine...

"One of the most interesting and moving games I've ever come across. And incredibly moving.".. starts my review.

Added your game to Goodreads, and reviewed it:



Wow, thank you Alexander! I'm touched it moved you to tears. Was it any point in the game in particular that moved you so much?

Thank you for adding LOGAN to Goodreads, very kind!

(1 edit)

Sorry, I got distracted.. I can't really pick one thing that moved me, it sort of builds, while reading..? What I've really kept thinking of, long after finishing the book, is your relationship with your siblings. Maybe that is what I find most moving.

No worries at all! The aim is for it to build - so I'm glad that worked for you! Thank you for sharing what's stayed with you 😊

(1 edit) (+2)

I saw your game a while ago but never took the time to read it.

Well, I wasn’t expecting this, this is way better than what I thought!

That’s a great piece of game, a great reading to go through. I guess it was difficult to write, hope you're nowadays more often in the Taking care and Peace scenes than in Turmoil ones


I'm so glad it exceeded expectations Angela!

It was hard at times, but mostly quite cathartic and fun. As the epilogue says, I'm doing quite well now! Definitely a lot of Growth scenes I will say. And thanks for the reminder to take a Self Care scene, I don't always remember for myself 😅Take this as a sign to do some self care too if you haven't in a while!

Thank you again for playing LOGAN 😊


"Pfft", I sneered before reading Logan, "this guy is making an autobiographical RPG when he's barely in his twenties, hello big ego!" I wasn't wrong—any autobiographical thing has a big ego component, I know what I'm talking about—but Logan is a really interesting game model: after all, what's the difference between slipping into the shoes of someone you don't know and those of an imaginary character? And I like games telling the life of ordinary people, so the events through which this more or less imaginary Logan passes can't help but speak to me...
No, in the end, if I had to reproach something to the game, which is superbly designed, it's that it's too short ! The recreated events, except one or two, are a bit too banal to inspire me and don't represent so much important moments in Logan's life as moments captured seemingly randomly. But perhaps, in the end, that was the point: of showing that even mundane lives have their share of memorable moments?


LOGAN is a beautifully personal and thoughtful game. And it's probably the most courageous game design I've ever come across. I highly recommend you experience it for yourself. The art and layout work on this game is also wonderful. Get it now! 

Thanks so much Tim! It is indeed some truly vulnerable design, and I'm glad you enjoyed it 😊

Such an amazing thing you've created 🧡


Thank you Rei <3
LOGAN means a lot to me, so I'm so glad it speaks to others too


Why thank you Droshan! I appreciate you taking the time to comment! Have a good day :)