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Long ago, an ANGEL visited the earth to grant one wish to a wise, old man. The man wished for everlasting peace, and so it was. The earth was serene. Nothing changed. No voices rose in anger, but nor did any declare their love. The sun neither rose nor set, but hovered meekly, leaving drops of sunlight in small pools. No waves came to bring down the fishermen, no scorching heat to dry out the land, no winds to tear crops from the ground. Every day is exactly the same.

You’ve lived this way as long as you can recall. And even though you’ve known nothing else, it weighs on you - this isn’t right. Where is the wildness and chaos of life? This is but a long death.

You must travel across this too-blissful world and find the Devil Death. There you must petition them in their tower to undo the ANGEL’S blessing and bring about the world as it should be - wild and everchanging.


Breaking Serenity is a Born Freely Traded game.
It is no-prep, GMless, and suitable for 1 or more players.

Using a simple d6 system, Breaking Serenity is perfect for a oneshot. What's more, the story arc of the game is played in 10-15 minute 'rounds' as you journey closer to the Devil Death's tower, so you can whip this game out anywhere from a bus stop to a waiting line!


Breaking Serenity was made for Game Dunk Online 2022. Thanks to Paddy and Lee for running Game Dunk and providing such a fun and generative space.

Breaking Serenity was mechanically inspired by Lari Asmuth’s ‘Free Traders’. It's a great, fun game, I do recommend checking it out. 
It was narratively inspired by The City under the Sea by Edgar Allan Poe.

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Tagsausrpg, born-freely-traded, game-dunk, GM-Less, One-page, oneshot, supernatural


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This is an absolutely beautiful concept. The philosophy behind the core conceit of the game is really near and dear to my heart, and it's executed very well <3


thank you so much for saying so! I’m so glad it touched you and handled something dear in a way that felt beautiful. Thank you 😊