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This game is inspired by #YourMoveJam and by @jdragsky's submission in particular. In my typical fashion, I had an idea for this jam long after it ended, but I'm very pleased with the result regardless!

Take care, believe.

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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Thanks for this hearth-warming pbta move. As useful in-game than in real life :)

Take care


thank you for this comment! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Stay safe <3

Believe is a single-mechanic, self-help game. It uses a single dice roll on a pbta Move to give you guidance on how to deal with processing a hardship.

It's a really cool concept, although putting it to a random roll felt a little weird to me. The higher you roll, the more you're directed to use positivity. Whereas the lower you roll, the more you accept your grief.

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who might benefit from having a mechanic to kind of kickstart their processing of hardship, or to anyone who's interested in the design and might be inspired to build more self-help games or mechanics.

Minor issues:

-I'm not completely sure what "even iron can start again" is meant to mean

-"breath deeply" should be breathe deeply


Thanks for the kind words, and for picking up that spelling error 😅. 

The sentence about iron starting again is a saying I’d heard that means even things (or people) that seem set in their ways have a chance to start over. 

Thank you again!