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You are a hermit crab who has grown out of their shell.

It is time to find a new one, however scary that may be.


"Yo this is one of those quintissential (sic) games that like really honor something as universal as transition in a ludicrously honest way..." - Maria Mison


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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As a justs cracked trans person, it was a  very sweet experience, thanks <3

I’m so glad you enjoyed, and congrats on being you! 💙🤍💖🤍💙


Beautiful inner experience that welcomes the player to witness the transformation of the crab and the self.


Thank you!! I'm so glad you felt that experience <3

A New Shell is a lyric game where you play as a hermit crab looking for a new shell. It is about transitioning to a new phase in your life, no matter how scary it may seem.


I loved this game! It gave me the chance to contemplate my own journey as a queer, trans person and did it in a simple, yet layered, fashion. This game touches on many difficult aspects of coming out but always supports it as a necessary and freeing process. 


Thank you Sebastian!